Garden Room vs 'Traditional Extensions'

Garden Room vs ‘Traditional Extensions’

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What is a ‘Traditional Extension’?

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A ‘Traditional Extention’ is a way that adds expansion to living space. Extensions are often a solution when it comes to building on key areas or creating extra bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms or kitchens. Extensions can be quite costly due to the materials, time and efficiency that is involved in the project, and you also have to seek planning permission in order for the project to get started. At South Wales Garden Rooms, we are one of the leading providers of garden rooms in Cardiff. Find out more now.


What is a Garden Room?


A Garden Room is an outbuilding that is often used to fulfil hobbies, work-life and exercise. Garden Rooms are also used for extra living spaces that are no taller than 2.5m in height, meaning they do not usually require planning permission. A Garden Room is a unique additional space solution for your property that offers independence and privacy. Garden Rooms tend to be a lot less expensive compared to ‘Traditional Extentions’ as they do not require as much time or materials, without having to pay council tax. 


Considerations to Make When Adding a Living Space to Your Home


If you are looking to invest in an extension in the near future, there are a few things to consider before going ahead with your decision. Our garden room will practically give you the same effect in what is required to create your desired living area for a quarter of the price, helping you to save a lot of money.


  • Buying more bedrooms is more expensive than a garden room: To pay for an extended bedroom will cost roughly between £15,000 – £40,000 in the UK. To pay for one of our garden rooms to be created and installed would cost an average of £10,000 but this can vary depending on the size and design, a member of our team will help to provide you with the most affordable price.


  • Extensions are highly extensive projects: Extensions can become very costly due to the materials, time and effort incorporated into one project. Poorly constructed or throughout extensions can have the opposite effect of increasing the value of a house, due to the unreliability and infrastructure, this can cause a lot of problems when it comes to selling your property. 


  • You may require planning permission for an extension: Different to garden rooms, extensions require planning permission. This can cause frustration if your planning permission is declined as it means that your project will no longer be able to go ahead after lots of planning and preparing, which can waste a lot of time and energy. Planning permission is required when you are developing your initial home to expand more than what the law states.


Choosing to Install a Garden Room


When it comes to choosing what Garden Room you are looking to install, South Wales Garden Rooms have them all. Are you looking to work from home? Exercise? Meditate? Game? Or just Relaxation space? Our website provides all of the types of garden rooms that we offer.


The Garden Room Installation Process

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The installation time process of our garden rooms can vary due to the size, theme, and model, But when it comes to the generic installation process, we have a guide on what steps there are upon completion, making sure that your garden room is to the highest standard it can be. Upon starting your project, we will give you an indication of the time required for your specific garden room during the quotation/planning process.


These are the core elements to creating any successful space within our equipped garden rooms.

  • Fully insulated walls, floors and ceilings
  • Mono-pitched rubber-roid roof
  • Single door standard in PVC
  • Laminate, carpet flooring or wood effect vinyl
  • Interior lighting – 4 bar LED spotlights
  • 2 x double electric sockets with USB

Find Out More About Installing a Garden Room


To find out more about installing garden rooms with us, get in contact with us today! 029 20 600478


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