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We expect our homes to meet all our chaotic needs, but with a rise in remote working, we require even more!

We understand the importance of creating a dedicated space and are committed to helping you make room in your life. We strive to understand what you need and take pride in producing completely bespoke garden room solutions, tailored to you exactly.

Whatever your style, size of garden or budget we will design and deliver a custom garden room to provide you with the additional dedicated space you desire.

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Bespoke Garden Rooms

From a fully insulated structure to your choice of flooring finish, South Wales Garden Homes have the expertise to design and deliver your perfect garden room.

Modular Garden Rooms

Contemporary looks, real energy efficiency and ease of construction combined with keen pricing. Modular garden roofs are everything you could wish for in a home office or a fully functional living space. 

Garage Conversions

We can create new environments within your existing garage space, redesigning the area to your exact specifications whatever the desired purpose of the space. 

Pergolas & Pagodas

Timeless design and a wide range of benefits. Pergolas & Pagodas are the perfect outdoor shelter providing a wide range of features and aesthetics.

Garden Rooms - FAQs

Garden Rooms are the perfect way to create an additional fully functioning room without having to upgrade to a house with more space or living capacity. They can also add value to your home, adding up to 1.5x the installation cost in value and makes your home more attractive to buyers. You can also market your home with increased living capacity should you choose to create a new living area such as a bedroom and you are also able to create specialised areas such as a WFH office.

The vast majority of garden rooms do not require planning permission. They are classed as outbuildings but there are a number of factors that may result in you needing planning permission. We will advise you on all of the relevant building regulation requirements and can handle this for you if this is required.

Our Garden Rooms are fully insulated and utilise the latest technology to create a fully functional living space. Our Garden Rooms can be used for a huge array of different living spaces and therefore can be used as a bedroom space. This can add value to your home overall as you are able to market your home as having an additional living space. 

We offer a 10 year structural guarantee on all of our Garden Room structures – this is how confident we are in the Garden Rooms that we install. Garden Rooms last for 30-40 years and are built to be a fully functioning living space that is built to last.

All of our garden rooms are highly thermally efficient making a completely comfortable additional living space. There are also options available to install heating systems in your garden room if you so require so we can speak with you during your project about your heating requirements.

We are able to offer modular as well as bespoke garden rooms to suit you. Our modular garden rooms from Forest Garden come in a wide range of styles and features to ensure that you can create the perfect outdoor space with a new garden room or office. There are a wide range of different uses for your garden room and this allows you to create an additional living space without having to upscale to a larger house.

All of our garden rooms are of bespoke design however we are able to speak with you to advise on the best garden room design for your needs and requirements and this is achieved often by going down the bespoke route. We are able to advise you on the features that you may need and then help you design your own personalised garden room space.

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