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Expanding Your Home With a Garden Outhouse/Room

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Expanding Your Home With a Garden Outhouse/Room




Expanding the space of your home with a garden room is a great way to offer a luxurious experience to excel in your hobbies, containing all of your provided needs and preferences to be customised to your desires. Garden rooms are a great alternative to building an extension on your house, as it provides the same facilities and can even increase the value of your property, without the need for planning permission. We offer bespoke and modular rooms that can be tailored to any theme that you like, this can be gyms, offices, yoga rooms, gaming rooms, relaxation rooms, and much more.

Cost-Effective Solution


Investing in a Garden room is much more cost-effective than investing in an extension, this is due to garden rooms not requiring planning permission and is also over half the amount cheaper than the initial build of an extension. In addition, Garden rooms are likely to increase the property of your house by 10% which is a beneficial source when selling your home, helping to add value and USPs. A way this can be a USP for potential buyers is due to the fact that garden rooms are completely versatile, allowing you to transform the room to serve multiple purposes and provide a large amount of extra space.


No Property Search and Relocation Stress


With South Wales Garden Rooms, you can completely avoid the hassle of having to look to move houses, real estate fees and additional property searches by installing one of our garden rooms. The great thing about garden rooms is that you can enjoy added space to your current location without the need to require planning permission, all you have to do is plan what you would like, the theme and we will get to the work, it’s that easy. These garden rooms will offer you more than just what you need, they will provide extra room, extra privacy, relaxation and a great way to bring outdoors inside.


Quick Installation


Installing a garden room is quite a quick process in terms of building a whole extra living space to fulfil your needs, compared to moving homes, building an extension or having to speak to your estate agent. The installation time depends massively on the complexity of the project you are having completed but most garden rooms can be up and ready for use within weeks, this is a very fast process in comparison to other alternatives for gaining extra living space.

Increased Property Value


Installing a high-standard garden room in your garden can increase the value of your property by 5-10% which can be a very beneficial investment for future selling. As your garden room is tailored to your needs, this can also be eye-catching to buyers looking for a larger home while being budget-friendly, giving them extra space to work, exercise, meditate, game and any hobbies they would love to fulfil. 


Investment in Quality Over Quantity


Instead of having to focus on investing in a larger home, it is more beneficial to focus on increasing the quality and making the most of your living space with a high-standard, well-constructed garden room. Ensuring that you are putting your efforts into building your dream living space will enhance the appearance, space, and use of your garden room, giving you the opportunity to rest assured that you are making the right decision. 


Our Garden rooms are all installed with high-quality materials, including:


  • Fully insulated walls
  • Mono-pitched rubber-roid roof
  • Single door standard in PVC
  • Laminate, carpet flooring or wood effect vinyl
  • Interior lighting – 4 bar LED spotlights
  • 2 x double electric sockets with USB


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