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5 Summer Makeover Tips and Ideas for Your Garden Room

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Transforming your garden room into a summer hideaway is an exciting project that can involve a new lifestyle in your outdoor space. As the warmer months are approaching, it is the perfect time to renovate this area and create a relaxing and serene spot where you can sit back, soak up the sunshine and entertain. Our bespoke garden rooms are designed specifically to your preferences, helping you to enjoy your daily hobbies and workspace while having the adaptability to upgrade and renovate with our top, helpful tips for upgrading your garden room ready for the summer season.

Whether you are looking to design a cosy garden room for summer nights or a bright, entertainment room, these five summer makeover tips and ideas will help to enhance your garden room to next-level style and comfort. 

1. Have a Paint-Over 

A great way to brighten up your garden room in Cardiff for the summer is by painting the interior and/or the exterior. Choosing a lighter, pastel colour for your makeover is perfect to create an airy atmosphere and make the garden home space feel open and bigger. 

The colours that we suggest for the summer would be any summer white colours such as barely white, pink duet, cool sky blue and sweet spring. Light colour paint will also reflect the heat away, making your garden room feel cooler when relaxing in the hot summer temperatures. 

2. Update Fabrics and Textiles 

Updating any fabrics and textiles in your garden room for warmer weather is a great way to optimise and create a comfortable atmosphere. Material such as cotton and linen will allow for better airflow in your garden room, keeping you cooler on hot summer days. 

If you want to ensure your room can be used as a shaded area, then investing in sun-blocking curtains or blinds is ideal. They will regulate sunlight and temperature to maximise comfort in months when the heat and light may get too intense, through months in July-August.

3. Maximise the Natural Lighting 

Although you may want the option of blocking sunlight when needed, optimising for natural light will also elevate the experience of your garden room in the summertime. 

There are many ways of creating a bright, open space by utilising natural sunlight. Firstly, ensuring the interior decor is lighter colours will make your garden room much lighter. 

Making sure the furniture is strategically placed to avoid blocking natural pathways like windows and doors is also a perfect way to optimise sunlight accessing your room for the pretty summer mornings and evenings. 

4. Incorporate the Outdoors Inside 

You can use outdoor-inspired accessories to place throughout your garden room such as fake plants, flowers or even real plants and flowers. You can also add elements of wildlife into your garden room by adding natural materials as a part of the interior such as wood, stone, rattan and bamboo. 

Selecting and Installing larger windows and ensuring the door is glass will incorporate more sunlight into your garden room, letting the natural flow of light enter the room throughout periods of the day.

5. Create a Relaxing Lounge Area 

Creating a comfortable lounge area you can relax in for your garden room which is perfect for warm weather. You can add comfortable seating such as a sofa, armchair or even an oversized cushion or beanbag where you can relax. 

Adding blankets and pillows with soft textures will enhance the room’s cosiness which would be ideal for a late summer evening with family and friends.


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