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Ideas for your Garden Rooms

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Garden Room Ideas: 15 ways to use your garden room


If you’re thinking about investing in a Garden Room, you might already have in mind what you’d like to use it for. However, if you’re still looking for some inspiration, why not read our article about some popular or cool ideas to make the most of a garden room, and turn in to a space you love?


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Use your Garden Room as a Home office 

Working from home is a lot more common nowadays, and many corporate jobs offer some form of hybrid working. When away from the office, you want to set up the perfect environment for concentration and focus, but there might not be an appropriate place at home to set up your workstation. A garden room away from the house can be a great solution and the best part is there is basically no commute! One of the main benefits of having your working area away from your main house is that you can separate your workspace from your living and relaxing space.


Create your very own Garden Room Gym 


In the long run, gym membership and sign-up fees can get very expensive. Plus you might want the benefit of having your privacy or your own space when you work out. For that reason, a popular use of Garden rooms is a home gym. You can start with as little equipment as some free weights and some floor matting, but depending on the space you have, you could even add some exercise machines or a treadmill. 


Turn your Garden Room into a tranquil Yoga Studio 


A Garden room is a perfect place to take in all the calmness and serenity of being closer to nature while you do your yoga sessions. All you need to get started is your yoga mat, but you can enrich your space with a yoga playlist, some fairy lights and other nice touches to get the ultimate yoga studio vibe.


The Bar at the end of your Garden.

Sure to be the shortest walk to the pub you’ve ever had! Whether you’re looking for a quiet place for after-work drinks, and weekend date nights, or you want a fun place to entertain many friends and guests, Garden rooms bars are super versatile. Maybe you enjoy brewing your own beer and want to serve it at your very micro pub? Or you might aim to acquire a wall full of spirits ready to impress your friends with your cocktail mixology skills. You can add a lot of personality by choosing a name for your bar and getting a custom sign made. 


Host Friends and Family in your Garden Guest Room


Garden Rooms provide a great solution if you want to have guests over often, and you don’t have much space or a spare bedroom in the house. Guests benefit from a little extra privacy from being detached from the main house. For extra versatility, you could furnish it with a sofa bed or a day bed, so you can switch it to seating when not being used. Alternatively, you could run your garden room as an Airbnb.


Get Creative in a Garden Craft Room


If you’ve always wanted a cosy hobby hole, then a garden room could be the perfect space for it! Whether it’s crochet, knitting, needle-felting, card making or whatever craft takes your fancy, in a garden room there’ll be plenty of space to store all of your materials and projects. 


Get your garden room ‘on-air’ and turn it into a music studio 

For the musically minded! A garden room is a safe and secure place to keep your instruments and practice in peace. We’ve seen some people soundproof their garden room then convert it into a recording studio for their band or radio shows.

Display your masterpieces in your own Garden Room Art Gallery  


If you’re an artist who has ever dreamed of having their own studio, a Garden room is the ideal place to get creative. This is especially true if you use nature for inspiration as you are out in the garden but undercover. Not only can you store your paints, pencils and canvases, but you can hang your completed works of art on the wall with pride, for your own personal art gallery.


Garden Rooms are the ultimate Man Cave or She-Shed


This is the ultimate personalised space to relax. Essential items for your garden room man cave or she-shed include a fridge for your beverage of choice and comfy seating to chill out on. A pool table is also an iconic item.


A book lover’s paradise: Retreat to your garden reading room

If reading is your passion, imagine turning your garden room in to your own personal library. You could put bookshelves along the back wall and fill them top to bottom with books. You’ll also need to invest in a comfy chair and some good lighting to curl up with your next read,and we also recommend a counter with a kettle and hot drink supplies for that all important reading refreshment.


Something for the Kids – Garden Playroom


Most of our ideas so far are geared towards adults, but you might want to turn your garden room into an extra play space for the kids. Incorporate soft play and lots of colourful shelving for toy storage, or, use the outside area to your advantage and go with a ‘cabin’ playroom theme with lots of nature-themed activities. If you have older children, it could even be a treat to have host sleepovers there, giving them an added bit of independence, but still knowing they are safe and secure nearby.


The ultimate garden room Teen-Hideout


On the theme of independence, your teens might appreciate their own dedicated space that a garden room allows. Especially as they start bringing friends over more, a separate area with access to a fridge stocked with soft drinks and snacks, a TV, and some comfy furniture will become a nice area for them to entertain their mates, away from their increasingly uncool parents. It could also double up as a quiet place to do homework and study ready for exams. Maybe you can add a day bed so they can sleep out there on the weekends, and the added bit of freedom will help prepare them if they potentially move away for University.


Run your beauty business from your Garden Room


Beauty studios are another popular use for Garden rooms. Lots of budding and established make-up artists, nail technicians, beauty therapists and aestheticians run home businesses from their garden rooms , as it’s near to their home and means they don’t need to rent a studio, but still isn’t bringing clients into their main home. 


A content creation haven – Go viral with your garden room


Many people have an avid hobby or even make a living out of creating content for social media. A garden room can provide you with the flexibility to have a dedicated set up ready for filming, whether that’s video game streaming, make-up tutorials or jumping on that latest TikTok dance trend.


Turn your garden room into a mini memorabilia museum


When you spend a lot of time collecting items, it can be very disheartening if you don’t have the space at home to display them. Some people use their garden rooms to show off their collectibles or memorabilia with the utmost of pride. Maybe you want to dedicate your Garden room to your favourite sports team, or you want a place to store your large collection of vinyl records.


We think we’ve covered a lot of options for Garden room ideas, but do you think we’ve missed anything? If we’ve inspired you, get in touch with us today to see how we could make your dream garden room a reality.


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