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Garage Makeover and Conversion Penarth

2023 has been a successful year full of the most satisfying garage conversions in our history, In 2024, the trends and sought-after garage conversions are looking strong, helping us to pick out some of the most popular garage conversions for the new year. The lifestyle shifts, economic factors, and enhancing home design preferences have made … Read more

Gym Garage Conversion Penarth

Do You Really Use Your Garage?   1 in 5 of the remaining 38% that still use their garage, admits that they do not actually use the garage for its initial purpose, this is down to the struggle of space and design of storage being dumped constantly into this area. At South Wales Garden Rooms, … Read more

Modular Gareden room with Terraced and landscaped back garden in England UK with patio, grass and stone steps

Many homeowners are seeking to upgrade their property by investing in additional living spaces, either through side extensions or conservatories which can be rather expensive, or looking into updating their garden space with a new garden room. These are all perfectly fine solutions to achieving that desired extra living space to use as you choose, … Read more

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