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Bar for the garden

Are you looking for fun ways to get the most value out of your property? South Wales Garden Rooms have exciting ideas for you. Create a bundle of joy and memories with a unique garden bar, where you can spend summer days and evenings enjoying a glass in your very own garden.  The garden bar … Read more

Home Office Garden Room, Bridgend 2

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “How much does a garden room in Cardiff cost?” Although this is a perfectly reasonable question, many elements make this question hard to answer straight away. Exploring The Financial Implications of a Garden Room As you consider adding a garden room to your property, it is important … Read more

Garden Room Bryncethin

As the warm months are approaching, it is time to clean and organise your garden room, bringing in a breath of fresh air, ready for Summer. Preparing your garden room for the summer is not only about making it look pretty, but it is also about creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Regardless of what … Read more

Fully Bespoke Garden Office South Wales UK

Transforming your garden room into a summer hideaway is an exciting project that can involve a new lifestyle in your outdoor space. As the warmer months are approaching, it is the perfect time to renovate this area and create a relaxing and serene spot where you can sit back, soak up the sunshine and entertain. … Read more

Garden Room Bryncethin 1

In Cardiff, the idea of a garden room is gaining traction as homeowners are looking to expand their living space while embracing the outdoor beauty. A garden room offers an adaptable get-away retreat right in your back garden, providing a peaceful hideaway, functional workspace or an entertainment hub.  With just a few steps into your … Read more

South Wales Garden Rooms - Recent Installations

Welcome to the journey of onboarding many ideas for transforming your dream garden room into a beautiful retreat that exceeds the boundaries of seasons. In this article, we will be discovering the importance of your outdoor garden room to provide year-round durability and comfort.    As the seasons constantly shift and evolve, your garden room … Read more

Garden Room with Cedar Cladding Llandow

At South Wales Garden Rooms, we want to welcome you to the transformative world of garden room lighting – where the transition between daylight and nighttime magic unfolds smoothly. In this article, we will uncover the art of utilising lighting that adjusts easily to both the sunny and night sky above your garden retreat.    … Read more

Garden Room, Pencoed 5

Recently, the establishment of Garden Rooms has really transformed the landscape of modern living. The freedom of being able to incorporate indoor matters to mix and match with the outside nature has enabled many individuals to sought-after these garden room designs. Garden room popularity not only lies in their aesthetic appearance but also in their … Read more

Garage Makeover and Conversion Penarth

2023 has been a successful year full of the most satisfying garage conversions in our history, In 2024, the trends and sought-after garage conversions are looking strong, helping us to pick out some of the most popular garage conversions for the new year. The lifestyle shifts, economic factors, and enhancing home design preferences have made … Read more

Garden Room with Sedum Living Roof, Parc Seymour, Gwent 1

Expanding Your Home With a Garden Outhouse/Room   Introduction   Expanding the space of your home with a garden room is a great way to offer a luxurious experience to excel in your hobbies, containing all of your provided needs and preferences to be customised to your desires. Garden rooms are a great alternative to … Read more

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